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What are the Most Popular Trucks in the US?

Trucks don’t last long in any dealer’s showroom nowadays because American drivers can’t get enough of them. This has been one of the biggest automotive trends in recent years. Granted, some models are more beloved than others, and we love to keep a pulse on the highest quality trucks that our Sarasota patrons enjoy most.

What are the most popular trucks in the US?

Five Very Popular Trucks in the US

Here we see the top-selling trucks of 2019. They’re ranked in descending order based on the number of units sold.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado

Ford F-150

The F-150 tops the list by a wide margin, having sold 623,980 units in 2019, which is almost 200,000 more than the next-most popular truck on this list. Ford’s name recognition speaks for itself, but the F-150, in particular, has a track record going all the way back to 1975.

Chevy Silverado

Next is the Chevy Silverado, which sold 436,480 models in 2019. The Chevrolet brand is one of our favorites, and we happen to have a good number of them in stock as of this blog post.

Ram 1500

There are many vehicle critics and reviewers who rate the Ram 1500 at the top of its class. It’s powerful and has an awesome exterior. That’s what led Ram to sell 387,223 of this popular model.

Toyota Tacoma

The ultra-reliable V6-only Toyota Tacoma never fails to deliver for its many loyal buyers. Durability and ruggedness are what drove the Tacoma to 245,659 sales in 2019.

GMC Sierra 1500

Rounding out the list is the GMC Sierra 1500, which sold 158,284 units. Critics gave this one rave reviews for its luxury. The premium Denali trim comes packed with so many awesome features, and it’s a mid-size truck that still allows you to be a powerful force on any highway.

There are several other high-selling models to mention, but these are among the best in today’s market. The Truck Junction also has a solid selection of Jeep trucks like the 2020 Jeep Gladiator. We even have box trucks like the Mitsubishi Fuso if you’re ever in need of something for business/industrial purposes.

The Truck Junction is open every day but Sunday, providing the best used truck options for all the truck lovers in Sarasota. This has been our mission since opening all the way back in 1987. If you want to learn more about these great models or anything else in our inventory, feel free to contact us at (941) 927-8785.