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Tips to Help You Load Your Truck Bed Properly

If you’re someone that uses a truck regularly, you likely spend a lot of time hauling things. It is vital to know how to load your truck bed properly to keep yourself, your load, and others on the road safe. Here at The Truck Junction, we know all there is to know about trucks and have put together a guide to ensure you know how to secure your truck bed properly no matter what you’re hauling.

First things first, check the gross vehicle weight rating of your truck. You will find it on the driver’s side door or in the owner’s manual. You never want to load your truck with more weight than it is equipped to carry. Also, organize your truck bed based on how heavy your load is. Take the heavier items and store them closer to the cab of the truck. Alternate sides to avoid weighing down one side of the truck, which can impact your ability to handle it properly.

Adding packing materials to secure loose items will help them to stay safely inside the bed without bouncing around, damaging them and your vehicle. Wrap any sharp edges in things like moving blankets or scrap cardboard and be sure to mark anything sticking out of the back of your bed with a red or orange flag. It is illegal to transport anything exceeding the length of the bed without one!

Our final tip is to safely secure all the materials you’re hauling. There are a variety of options to use depending on what you’re hauling. Cargo nets are great for things that need to be secured in many places. Ratchet traps should be your go-to when things are tall or long, just ensure that you tighten them as much as possible.

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