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These Driving Habits Consume A Lot of Fuel

Reducing your fuel consumption can save you a lot of money. Rather than driving less, consider changing some of your driving habits to consume less fuel. Here are some fuel-efficient driving habits.

Did you know accelerating and braking too quickly reduces your fuel efficiency and increases your fuel consumption? If you are the type of driver who accelerates quickly when the light turns green, or someone who waits until the last minute to brake at a stop sign, consider changing these habits. Gradually accelerating and braking can notably reduce your fuel consumption and help you take fewer trips to the pump.


Another way to reduce your fuel consumption is by reducing the amount of time you use your air conditioning and heating. Air conditioning and heating use up fuel and you should avoid using these features unless it is necessary to drive comfortably.

Do you have a lot of items in your vehicle? If you have a tendency to let things sit in your car, this can actually be reducing your fuel efficiency. The heavier your car, the most fuel it uses to get from here to there. Keeping your car empty and lightweight can help you take less trips to the gas station.

Slowing down can help you save fuel. One of the biggest contributors of fuel consumption is high-speed driving. Do your best to drive the speed limit, whether you’re driving in the city or on the highway, to increase your fuel efficiency.

Another way you can avoid using too much fuel is by taking longer trips. Instead of going on short trips every day to run errands, combine all of your errands into one long trip. Short trips actually consume more fuel than longer trips because your engine does not have the time to heat up properly. When taking a long trip and getting everything done in one go, your engine can perform more optimally and efficiently.

Not only can these tips help you reduce your fuel consumption, but they can also help you expand the lifespan on your vehicle and save you money. Try out these tips when you’re behind the wheel of a new-to-you vehicle from The Truck Junction. You can find our pre-owned pickup truck dealership at 301 US 41 Bypass S in Venice.

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