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Sun Damage Prevention for Truck Owners

Living in Sarasota yields many advantages when it comes to local businesses and the wonderful community which we all call home. And by calling this place home, we’re obligated to share it with the bright, glowing, ball in the sky called the sun. While sunlight feels good during the summer and gives us an excuse to take advantage of Florida’s coastal waters…it also likes to wreak havoc on our skin, our homes, and most of all, the vehicles in our driveway.


While owning a truck gives someone the feeling of individuality and personal freedom, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause damage. And because there’s no sunscreen with an SPF strong enough to repel the sun’s rays off your precious pickup, we’ve made a short list of actions you can take to help prevent substantial sun damage.

Avoid Parking in Direct Sunlight

While this piece of advice might seem redundant, it’s the best thing you can do. If you have a garage, clean out a space. If you’re parking somewhere that isn’t your home, look for a parking garage, tree, or an awning to take advantage of. Should no shade make itself available, there are other things you can do.

Wash, Dry, Wax, Repeat

Our second piece of advice is another one that seems a bit obvious. Washing your truck removes the particles of dirt that accumulate over time, and drying your truck thoroughly before being in the sunlight will keep the water from being sun-dried, which can lead to some unsightly markings. A periodic wax job will help protect your truck from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Windshield Sun Protectors

If you’ve ever gotten into a vehicle that’s been in the sun for too long, you’ve probably thought “ouch!” While there are methods to protect the outside of your truck from the sun, protecting the inside is just as important. Your interior has a lot of plastic, vinyl, and sometimes leather, which the sun can cause significant damage to. A sunscreen over the windshield on a hot day will help you moderate your vehicle’s temperature and prevent damage from occurring.

Protecting your vehicle from the sun might be difficult at times, so that’s why The Truck Junction is here to make shopping for one a lot easier. Besides our impressive and ever-expanding inventory, we also finance and can even help sell your truck via consignment. To get out of the summer heat and more information, cruise on over to (sunscreen optional). You can also visit us at 4791 Clark Road in Sarasota.