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Reasons Why Chevy Has the Best Used Pickup Trucks

It’s hard to drive even two blocks in any city or town without passing at least one Chevy pickup. That’s not a coincidence, either. Chevy has been producing some of the most reliable models since they started making trucks over 100 years ago.

Check out these terrific reasons to invest in a pre-owned Chevy Silverado or Colorado.

Brand Recognition & Reliability

Reputation still means a lot in today’s vehicle market. While there are many more truck makers than there were 50 years ago, Chevy still ranks at or near the top in several important metrics. You can find everything, whether enormous or compact, when you search their lineup. Even the smaller 2015 Chevy Colorado offers 305 HP, along with plenty of towing capacity. It’s nice to know that these vehicles are durable, and that you can get them for much better rates than the heavily priced new ones.

Smooth Driving with Superior Suspension

Are you an off-road type of driver, or at least like to have the option to do so? Then proper suspension is essential. Even if you stick to the main roads and highways, truck drivers expect a smooth ride. Chevy delivers in spades with their truck selection, thanks to durable suspension, and an emphasis on comfy interior space. Since not everyone uses their truck as a work vehicle, it’s also worth noting Chevy’s commitment to entertainment and climate-control features. They also remain near the top of the class for safety features and crash-test ratings.

Awesome Design

It would be a shame to invest over $10,000 on a serious pickup truck if it didn’t have at least a few style points. Chevy doesn’t chase after all the frills and gimmicks that other manufacturers use, though. They prefer to engineer a no-nonsense exterior framework, one that commands highway respectability. Don’t take our word for it. A picture is worth a thousand words, which holds especially true for the illustrious Chevy Silverado 1500.

Those are three solid three reasons to consider owning a pre-owned Chevy pickup truck. We’re confident you’ll find even more when you visit and test drive one with us.

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