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Parallel Park Like a Pro with These Tips

Do you know how to parallel park your car? It’s a serious question because not everybody can do it, and that can be a huge stumbling block if you need to take a parking spot in a crowded city street.

So, let’s look at these tips that will help you parallel park like a pro. There are 4 basic steps:

Parallel Parking Sign

Find The Best Possible Spot

Begin by locating the best possible spot. If you can avoid it, don’t choose that parallel space where another vehicle is already encroaching upon it (double-parked). If you find a spot that is 1 ½ times the length of the car, that will provide enough wiggle room to maneuver. Your start position is going to be next to the car you intend to park behind (get about three feet to their left side).

Get Your Car in Reverse

Sit up straight when you do this because you’ll need to be aware of other moving vehicles and pedestrians around you. Reverse your vehicle until your middle is aligned with the other car’s rear bumper.

Move Toward The Curb

Now comes the trickier part. You want to take a sharp 45-degree cut into the intended parking spot. Keep an eye on the car that will be behind you. Do this until you can see the other car’s headlights appear in the driver’s side mirror. You should now be mostly parked between the two cars.

Get It Nice And Straight

Finally, it’s time for finishing adjustments. You must make sure you are close enough to the curb. How close? If you’re within 12 to 18 inches of it, you should be fine in most states. Proceed slowly when doing this. You can allow your rear-right tire to tap the curb a little, and then straighten out your front tires from there. Done properly, you’ll have a small amount of room in front of you for that adjustment.

Since it might be a little hard to conceptualize the whole process from text, feel free to check out this video version of these instructions.

That’s just about it. The Truck Junction just wanted to help you with that because there is no reason to be intimidated by the prospect of parallel parking. We market the nicest used cars in the Sarasota area and we know you don’t want to damage them with a poor park job. If you find yourself needing a vehicle and want to shop with us, you can always check out our extensive inventory. Feel free to contact us with any questions at (941) 927-8785.