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Keep Safe on the Road with These Driving Tips

We may not think about it every time we get behind the wheel, but driving can be a dangerous activity. Whether you’ve been driving for decades or just got your license, it never hurts to learn new tips and tricks to stay safe behind the wheel. Here are driving tips to keep you safe:

Safe Driving Tips from The Truck Junction

First and foremost, you never want to drive under the influence of alcohol. Doing so severely impairs your ability to operate a vehicle, which can lead to dangerous, and even fatal, situations. In addition to alcohol, pay attention to the labels on your medications. Some prescriptions recommend you do not drive when taking them because they may cause side effects that make it difficult to operate a motor vehicle safely. If you experience blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, or an inability to focus due to medication, don’t get behind the wheel.

Another way to stay safe when you’re behind the wheel is by putting your phone away. Even if you’re just glancing at your phone, your attention is diverted for several seconds, which is all it takes to get into an accident. Many phones today have driving modes that reduce the risk of distracted driving. In addition to staying off your phone, you also want to avoid eating, drinking, playing with the radio, and talking to passengers as you drive, as all of these actions are distracting.

Even if you’re running late, you should never speed. Driving too quickly puts yourself, other drivers, and pedestrians at risk. When operating your vehicle at fast speeds, it takes longer to slow or stop the vehicle. If you cannot react to changes in traffic quickly, you’re putting yourself and others in serious danger. Always follow the speed limit and drive slower in poor road conditions.

If you’re not already buckling up every time you get behind the wheel, you need to start. Wearing a seatbelt can save your life in the event of a crash by 45% and reduce the risk of injury by 50%. In some cities, you can even be fined with a ticket if you’re not wearing your seatbelt.

Safety is key, no matter how long you’ve been driving. Keep these safety tips in mind when shopping for a vehicle at The Truck Junction. Check out our safe, top-quality pre-owned vehicles at 4791 Clark Road in Sarasota.

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