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Hot Tips for Buying a Used Pickup Truck

There are very few vehicles that have proven to be more versatile and capable than a pickup truck. With a new year underway, many consumers look forward to purchasing a brand-new vehicle. A used pickup truck presents itself as a cost-effective and practical option for many. If you’re in the market for one, then we’ve got some great tips to follow.

Diesel over Petrol

In recent years, many manufacturers have reinvigorated the diesel-fueled engine. While they can last longer than gasoline-powered engines, they come with a heavier price tag. Diesel engines are more expensive to maintain, and diesel fuel costs more than petrol. Think about this carefully when you’re out shopping around.


Even if a vehicle has been previously owned, the warranty coverage will pass on to a new owner. Each manufacturer has different criteria for what it covers and for how long. Be sure to check the odometer readings and check up on the manufacturer’s warranty, especially when it comes to items such as the powertrain.

A Clean and Thorough History

While this is recommended for any vehicle that you’re thinking about purchasing, it’s especially important with a used pickup. This will let you know if the vehicle was ever classified as a salvage item or was ever involved in a severe accident. This can be attained via a CARFAX report. It’s also essential to ask for any repair records. This will inform you if there have been any engine overhauls or transmission rebuilding and whether or not the repairs were done with OEM parts and not cheap after-market ones.

Check for Any Recalls

Every so often, a manufacturer issues a recall for a specific part of a vehicle and sometimes an entire model lineup. Check to ensure that there were no recalls issued with the model that you’re looking at wasn’t subject to a recall notice, and if it was, make sure that the right part was replaced.


It’s important to remember that as a consumer, you have rights. Any vehicle you’re thinking of purchasing should be a certain level of quality. Before any purchase is made, take the truck to a mechanic for a thorough inspection. This will let you know if there’s any part of the truck, such as the drivetrain or undercarriage, has been damaged. It’s also an excellent preventative measure in knowing whether or not a problem could develop over time.

The Truck Junction

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