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Effective Ways of Getting Better Gas Mileage

The continuous turmoil regarding the price of fuel has many consumers worried about how this will impact their budgets. While vehicles are capable of more conservation fuel consumption, the costs can still add up by a considerable amount. And while we have no control over the current cost of fuel, we do have some advice that can help you save some much-needed extra pennies at the pump.

effective ways of getting better gas mileage

Avoid Traffic if Possible

While this isn’t always an option, and rush hour will always exist in one form or another, there are ways you can get around this. Looking for routes that have less traffic and doing your shopping at off-peak hours are good ways. There are also apps that measure traffic volume and calculate which routes are shorter.

Put Your Car on a Diet

Items can accumulate in your vehicle throughout the course of several months. Cleaning out your vehicle to reduce weight will reduce weight on the engine and conserve fuel. It’s a simple matter of physics; less weight means better momentum.

Reduce Trips

We realize that much like avoiding traffic, this isn’t always possible. Do your best to plan out what trips are necessary to make during the week, and attempt to combine as many as possible. Carpooling and utilizing public transportation are great ways to use less fuel and reduce wear and tear on your vehicle. If you can have household goods and groceries delivered, this is also a good practice to start.

Keep up with Routine Maintenance

Getting routine service for your vehicle at regular intervals is what keeps it running in good condition. This also promotes fuel efficiency in a number of ways. Having your oil changed every few thousand miles allows your engine to run smoothly, using less fuel. Having your tires rotated is another way to help save on fuel costs. Think of it this way–you can’t run. Marathon without good running shoes and bad tires will keep your car from performing at its best.

Drive Responsibly

Most of us are cautious and responsible drivers. And while being on the road means being at mercy of unpredictability, making a conscious effort to refrain from aggressive braking and accelerating will conserve fuel and put less strain on your powertrain. A recent study even concluded that the practice of defensive driving habits helped improve fuel consumption by upwards of 8%. And every bit counts.

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