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Combat High Gas Prices with These Gas Savings Tips

For the last few months, gas prices have been significantly higher than usual across the nation. Most states have experienced gas prices of between $4 to $5 a gallon, the cost of diesel hitting an all-time high in June 2022.

Since it appears that gas prices are unlikely to fall anytime soon, it’s a good idea to learn a few gas-saving tips that will help you combat high gas prices. Our blog will discuss everything you need to do to save money on gas without you needing to do anything too extreme.

Of course, if you want to really save money, you can choose to buy a new economical truck from The Truck Junction. We have a wide range of available trucks that could be more fuel economical than your current ride.

What Are Five Gas Saving Tips To Help Combat High Gas Prices?

Gas Prices

Out of the many gas-saving tips that can help you combat high gas prices, we have managed to find five that we think will be the easiest to follow. Let’s dive into these tips below so you can continue getting the most bang for your buck when you fill up.

Ensure Your Truck Is Using The Right Oil

It might not seem like it, but if you use the wrong oil in your truck or car, you could be spending more than you should. Using the wrong engine oil can significantly affect gas mileage, with some auto experts stating that you could be getting 2 to 3 percent less mileage by using the wrong oil. That’s why it’s crucial to find what oil your vehicle manufacturer recommends and use only that oil.

Don’t Drive Fast

Driving slower is not only good for your safety but also for your pocket. You can majorly improve your gas mileage by slowing down and driving between 5 to 10 miles slower than you usually do. For example, it’s been determined that if a person drives five miles above 50 miles per hour, it costs around 20 cents extra per gallon. What a savings!

Don’t Overload Your Vehicle

Did you know that the more weight you have in your truck or car, the more fuel it will consume? This means that if you reduce how much weight you have in your car, you can save a significant sum of money over the long term.

It’s been determined that drivers who lower their vehicle’s weight by only 100 pounds save around 3 cents per gallon driven, depending on their vehicle’s make, model, and condition. Even though this doesn’t sound like much, it will add up, especially if you’re someone who likes to complete long-distance trips. So take a look in your trunk and see what can stay behind!

Try To Avoid Heavy Traffic

When caught in heavy traffic, constant accelerating and braking can majorly impact how much gas you use. Additionally, constantly idling when sitting in heavy traffic also uses more gas than you would expect. That’s why another of the easiest ways to save gas is to plan your trips and choose fuel-efficient routes that are not prone to heavy traffic.

Check Your Car’s Tire Pressure

Your car’s tire pressure matters for many reasons. You could be wasting money on gas if you have incorrectly inflated tires. According to the respected US Department of Energy, ensuring your tires are correctly inflated could boost your vehicle’s gas mileage by up to 3 percent! This means you could be saving around 15 cents per gallon, depending on fuel prices and your car.

As you can see, these five gas-saving tips are easy to follow and will assuredly help you combat high gas prices. Yet, if you feel it’s time to consider a set of new wheels that is a more gas-economical truck, you can speak with us at The Truck Junction.

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