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Avoid Tire Blowouts with These Tire Maintenance Tips

Nobody wants to experience a tire blowout. However, tire blowouts are actually one of the most common reasons for a vehicle to break down. In order to avoid tire blowouts during your commute, follow these four tire maintenance tips:

Tire Blowout

First, be mindful of your driving. Did you know the faster you drive, the more at-risk your tires are? This is because, when a car moves at high speeds, the tires are more susceptible to blowouts from debris and overheating. Do not speed during your commute to stay safe on the road.

The second tire maintenance tip to avoid blowouts is avoiding overloading. If you do need to load up your vehicle, try to keep your load light. Heavy loads add strain to your tires, making them more likely to experience a blowout.

Third, never over or under-inflate your tires. When dealing with tire pressure, you want to stay as close to the recommended PSI as possible. You can check the inside of your driver’s side door to find this number. The recommended PSI is also in your owner’s manual. If you under-inflate your tires, they are more likely to go flat during your drive. On the other hand, if you over-inflate your tires, they can experience a blowout when exposed to pressure or debris.

The last tip to avoid tire blowouts during your commute is to always monitor your tire pressure. Consider keeping a tire pressure gauge in your glove box or on your keychain. Check your tires periodically throughout the month to be sure the PSI is at an appropriate level. You also want to be sure to check your tire pressure after any major temperature changes, as this can cause your tire pressure to change too.

When you follow these tire maintenance tips, you can avoid blowouts and stay safe on the road. Now that you know how to care for your vehicle’s tires, you’re ready to shop for a new-to-you vehicle. Check out The Truck Junction to find top-quality automobiles. We are located at 4791 Clark Road in Sarasota, and we hope to see you here soon!