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The Benefits of Driving an All-Time Favorite: Ford F-150

Most people don’t realize it, but trucks are one of the most commonly owned vehicles in the United States! They’re loved for their ability to perform as a work or commuter vehicle, are high off the ground for smooth rides, and are great for anyone that requires hauling and towing abilities. One of our all-time favorites here at The Truck Junction is the Ford F-150.

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Sharing the Road with Big Rigs – What to Know

If you’ve ever driven on the highway, you’ve most likely noticed a semi-truck or two. They’re not hard to miss with their enormous size and multiple car lengths that they occupy. It’s important that you know how to properly share the road with them. Safe driving is not only the best driving, it’s the only type of driving you should undertake. While most truck drivers are experienced and possess the necessary reaction time, the space in between a mistake and the proper action to correct it are very slim. Obeying the proper rules of the road is of the highest importance.

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The Truck Junction Will Buy That Truck You’re Selling!

It’s a fact of life that selling a car can be just as excruciating as buying one. And unfortunately, the same goes for trucks. Selling a vehicle involves paperwork, dealing with customers who want to pay less than what you’re asking, and then, of course, there’s getting your vehicle to look presentable enough for someone to consider purchasing it. It’s a lot of work. This is why selling your vehicle via consignment might be the way to go. A consignment sale will alleviate many of the headaches that come with selling a vehicle by yourself, and allow you to get back to enjoying life a lot quicker.

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Seven Steps to Buying a Used Vehicle

You’re ready. Today is the day you buy a used vehicle and join the thousands of Americans who call the highways and byways home. If this is your first purchase, you might feel tempted to buy the first car that becomes available. There are plenty of mistakes that first-time buyers commit, and we’re offering seven steps to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

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4 Reasons to Sell Your Truck on Consignment

“Out with the old, in with the new.” The process of renewal is a fundamental part of human nature. We like new things. Upgrading something you use daily can make life more enjoyable. If you’ve got heavy duty to do, a new truck would be the perfect tool for the job at hand. Letting go of your old one might be hard, but finding a prospective buyer who’s willing to pay the price you’re asking might be harder. Therefore, selling your truck via consignment might be your best option. You may only need one reason, but we included four.

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