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4 Reasons to Sell Your Truck on Consignment

“Out with the old, in with the new.” The process of renewal is a fundamental part of human nature. We like new things. Upgrading something you use daily can make life more enjoyable. If you’ve got heavy duty to do, a new truck would be the perfect tool for the job at hand. Letting go of your old one might be hard, but finding a prospective buyer who’s willing to pay the price you’re asking might be harder. Therefore, selling your truck via consignment might be your best option. You may only need one reason, but we included four.

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Tips to Help You Load Your Truck Bed Properly

If you’re someone that uses a truck regularly, you likely spend a lot of time hauling things. It is vital to know how to load your truck bed properly to keep yourself, your load, and others on the road safe. Here at The Truck Junction, we know all there is to know about trucks and have put together a guide to ensure you know how to secure your truck bed properly no matter what you’re hauling.

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