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A Used Truck is a Better Investment Than a New One: Here’s Why

The pickup truck is a renowned symbol of Americana. Durable and versatile, several drivers have chosen to utilize this vehicle for several different purposes. Whether it’s the rough-and-tumble world of off-roading, handling the obligations of the job site, or towing and trailering, the possibilities are seemingly endless. And, deciding to invest in a used one might be the best choice you make in 2023. Here’s why.

More Features

Ever since 2020, the automotive industry has been dealing with a shortage of microchips. What this means is that the production quotas from the major manufacturers are less than they have been in recent years, and some of the features have limited availability. A truck manufactured before the 2020 model year will have more options and features that are available.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Purchasing a new vehicle from the current model year usually means having to take out a full-coverage insurance policy, which can be quite costly. Used vehicles are much cheaper to insure and can help you save money when it comes to your monthly expenses with vehicle ownership.

Lower Costs

While used vehicles tend to be less expensive than new ones, you can take advantage of what’s known as depreciation to save money on the upfront costs. All vehicles, regardless of their make and model, go through this process from the moment they’re driven off of the lot. Each year, the resale value depreciates in value, meaning you can take advantage and save money.

Transparency with Quality

Something that you need to know about the purchasing process is this–as a consumer, you have a right to know the full history of any major purchase you make. If you purchase a used truck from any dealership, they’re obligated to provide you with a CARFAX report. This will make you aware of any accidents or major repairs that have taken place. It’s one more way that you can make a well-informed decision.

Better Quality

Because of the microchip shortage, many dealerships are only sticking to used trucks that have the best features and a reputation for quality. The vehicle you see for sale on any used lot is held to a high standard for the benefit of the discerning consumer.

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