Our Staff

Duane & Ken Adams

Ken Adams
Ken started with The Truck Junction Inc. in October of 1989. He moved to Sarasota in 1987 after attending Emporia State University in Kansas. He has managed and been the primary buyer for The Truck Junction Inc. for nearly 20 years. He has purchased over 8,000 trucks, vans and SUVs and is proud to be able to offer you a vehicle that is just right for your automotive needs.

Duane Adams
Duane was born in Kansas and had a career in the automotive industry there. Upon moving to Florida in 1982 he continued as a salesperson in Fort Myers. In 1989, he opened The Truck Junction Inc. and built a reputation for offering quality vehicles at great prices. He has always believed that customer satisfaction is the backbone of our success.

GayanneGayanne Kling
Gayanne was born in Michigan and moved to Florida right out of high school. She has enjoyed working for The Truck Junction Inc. since its inception in 1989. Her's is most likely the first pleasant voice you will hear when calling The Truck Junction Inc. She does her best to be sure you feel that The Truck Junction Inc. is the place you would like to do business. She makes a conscious effort to be sure that the process after the sale will be done in a timely manner.

LewisLewis Langston
Lewis moved to Sarasota in 1993. He started working at The Truck Junction Inc. in 1995. He has been a very important member of our success story. Thanks to Lewis we have the most professional and clean-looking trucks in the area. Lewis can help you with all of your detailing needs.

Contact him at The Truck Junction Inc.
at 941-927-8785.

CraigCraig Rouse
Craig was born and raised in Kansas. His background growing up was farming. His interest in the automotive business was sparked by an uncle. He worked in the sheet metal fabrication industry prior to auto sales. He married his loving wife in 1991 and had their only son in 1997. After vacationing in Sarasota in 2005, he decided to move to Florida. He started working with the Truck Junction Inc. in November 2006. Since then, he has enjoyed the experience of being able to offer our customers his personal touch.

BillBill Huff
Bill was raised in Sarasota, was co-owner of Huff's Music World with his father Jim for many years. He is an avid fisherman and musician. In fact, he is the guitar player for The Billy Rice Band, a well known regional and Nashville, singer/song writer. Bill has been in the automotive advertising business for several years and now has just recently joined us. We hope all of his friends and acquaintances will stop by to say hi and wish him good luck.

TimTim Helser
Tim moved to Florida in 1959. He graduated from Florida State University in 1976. He has been in the automotive field since 1983. His specialty is trucks and he is very knowledgeable concerning your specific needs.